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The pursuit of fashion personality girl usually resistant to "limited" two word wood. This Time not well, the French brand Longchamp has been unable to hold oneself back to its home christmas bag, really adorable and very destructive. But in what are up only wages does not rise today, the beautiful bright limited sister often not enemy chastity classic sister, and beautiful and practical bag, would you choose? Below, and small make up have a look those packets package Longchamp Lady ! longchamp le pliageCharles De Gaulle Airport has Longchamp, but the varieties are not many, the color is not much, price and urban areas, but can cut taxes, such as the original price of large long handled 78 euro, tax is about 66 euro, about 12%. The above said is if you leave the EU can be a tax rebate, if can enjoy the after tax price is your last leg of the trip is not the EU countries!

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