Equipment detailsSDC4-4 BEER CANNING  SYSTEM1Size:W*L*H
Can Filling System 2.00×0.91×1.85M2Size:W*L*H
Flip-Rinse Part0.5×0.4×0.5M3Size:W*L*H
Rotary Infeed Table0.9×0.9×1.25M4Total Size:W*L*H2.9×0.91×1.85M5Total Weight337KG6Packing Size (L*W*H)3.20×1.15×2.05M7Gross Weight540KG8Capacity1200-1500pcs/H(330ml) 396-495L/H
1000-1200pcs/H(500ml) 500-600L/H9PowerAccording to user local power (3 Phases 380V 50Hz )10Power port3P+N+G11Power consumption2.0-3.5KW12Main MaterialSUS30413Beer Source Pressure0.15-0.2Mpa (22-30PSI)  1.5" Tir-clamp14Compressed Air0.50-0.70Mpa (75.0-105PSI) OD:Ф10mm15Jacking Cylinder Regulator0.20-0.30Mpa (30-45PSI)16CO2 Regulator0.15-0.2Mpa (22-30PSI) OD:Ф10mm17Flip-Rinse Sanitizer0.15-0.20Mpa(22-30PSI) 1.5" Tir-clamp18Exit-Rinse Water0.15-0.20Mpa(22-30PSI) 1.5" Tir-clamp19Time setting waySiemens PLC 200 smart20beer can type300ml use in china in default (Sample offer by customer)21Filling Part With Flowmeter Or NotYesIFM
22Wheels or feetFeet
wheels23Working procedurePut can→constantly convey→ Santizing flip-rinse→CO2 purge→ Beer Filling→Cover lips→Seamer→Exit rinse24PackageComposite board boxes25Lead time40-45 days

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